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Pot Brownies

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  • Pot Brownies give a
    delicious and
    safe alternative
    to smoking cannabis
  • You can make
    Pot Brownies with
    infused coconut oil
    or herbal butter
  • Often eating
    Pot Brownies will
    result in a stronger,
    longer lasting high
  • Pot Brownies are
    one of the most
    popular products
    made with cannabis
Products & Accessories

Make Pot Brownies with infused butters and oils at the touch of a button with the MagicalButter botanical extractor.
The exceptional engineering of the MB2 enables you to pinpoint amounts, timing and temperature, for the most consistent results possible. The microprocessor-controlled program sequences, Digital Fire Technology for even heating, and self-cleaning feature make every phase of the process a breeze.


The PurifyFilters bags are durable and reusable, with 90 and 190 micron filter screens make straining your extraction a breeze––allowing the liquid to effortlessly pass through while capturing the sediment. Strain your herbal butter and make delicious Pot Brownies today!


The LoveGlove has several important features that give the user safe handling of the PurifyFilters. Made of silicone, it’s durable and heat resistant when handling liquids made in the MB2. It also features the non-slip LoveGrip™ and is easy to clean. Use your LoveGlove to protect your hand when removing fresh Pot Brownies out of the oven.


All orders completed will be fulfilled within 24 hours and shipped all across the world to allow you to make Pot Brownies!

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